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Welcome to [community profile] kotobayori. Membership is wide open! Here is further explanation on the rules of this community.

01. Fanfiction only; one-shots, series, drabbles, anything goes.
This is a fiction community after all.

02. Works must be related to Arashi.
This should be pretty straight forward. Any pairing, threesome, foursome, moresome. Pairings with other or non-Johnny's are fine too. Heaven forbid you want to read something else? There's a list of other JE-related fiction communities on the profile page.

03.Looking for something specific? Requests are allowed.
Want to read a fic again but can't find it? Just ask.

04a. Kindly use a header.
This is a pretty standard practice in fiction communities, so take this a gentle reminder. People want to know what your piece is about before they get there so let them know! Any format is fine; here's the template I use:
Title: What's it called?
Pairing: Who are the stars?
Rating: What can I expect?
Word count: Gives an indication of how long it is.
Summary: A sentence or two about it, but sometimes it's totally unrelated at all.
Notes: How I came about the idea or any warnings to the reader.

04b. Keep all work behind an cut or a regular link.
If you post your work directly to the community, use a cut. In the HTML editor, insert <*cut text="Whatever you want your cut to say"> after your header and before your piece. Close the tag with an <*/cut> at the end.

You can also put a link back to your own journal or community and format it to look like a cut with ( ) and a bold font face. <*b>( <*a href="link to your entry"><*b>Whatever you want your cut to say<*/b><*/a> )<*/b>.
(Remove asterisks *)

05. Tagging is required.
Tag your post. If there isn't a tag specifically for what you want, notify a mod and we will add it. It keeps things nice and organized and helps people find what they are looking for with ease.

06. Ads/pimps for fiction-related communities/events are OK too.
That is to say, things like memes, contests, challenges, fic-a-thons and the like.

07. No banners.
Please keep your headers text only and post your banners/images to your own journal. You will be asked to remove them if you post one.


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